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MF(I)D meets LF's Dan Collacott (and it's about time!!)

Well I did promise you good people an awesome round-up of the year so I thought it'd be a good idea to bring some of the gang along too... 

Before he moved on to become LF's Film and Comedy Editor, our very own Dan Collacott was responsible for weaving his magic on LF music and securing some of our biggest features like Florence + The Machine and Glasvegas to name but a mere few. 

Is this man qualified to grace the ePages of My Funky (In)Disposition? Absolutely!  Are his opinions valued and respected? Recent reports suggest not.  Should we even be publishing this? Well we did take the time so we may as well.

In seriousness, it's our great pleasure to review the year with DC...

What was hands-down the best album of 2010?

Linkin Park 'A Thousand Suns'.  The competition wasn't fierce but this was definitely a colossal return to form for Chester and co. Tracks like 'Wretches and Kings' and 'Burning in the Skies' are LP at their blistering best.

What was your favourite concert experience of the year?

I loved Yeasayer at Roundhouse, Biffy Clyro at Hammersmith Apollo, Depeche Mode at 02 and Stone Temple Pilots at Brixton Academy. All were equally outstanding.

Which artist had you not heard of at the beginning of the year that you now consider yourself a fan of?

Washed Out, Awol Nation, Dinosaur Pileup, Memory Tapes and loads more.

What was your favourite musical moment of 2010?

Seeing almost all of the Wu Tang Clan on stage, even if the gig itself was criminally short - it still felt awesome just to be able to experience that.

What band should have toured the UK that didn't?

Soundgarden.  Despite the fact Cornell has played solo gigs and gigs with Audioslave every year since I've lived in London he still hasn't brought the reformed Soundgarden back to London. Come on Chris get it f##king sorted!

Which band released an album you wish they hadn't?

Stone Temple Pilots.  Live they were f##king incredible, but only when they played the old tunes. As soon as Weiland pranced and ploughed into the Southern fried tunes from the new album the crowd just stopped dead.

Which band that reformed do you wish released an album?

Faith No More, Suede, Soundgarden.... chop chop lads!

Who deserves your Britney Spears award for being mad?

Kanye West.  We need people like him to do looney things at award ceremonies though as it makes life interesting and in this case didn't make his music any less appealing.


2010 and out...

As December has now descended upon us with a flurry of snow, ice and travel chaos, get ready to be bombarded with an onslaught of reviews from 2010 - over the next few weeks, I'm going to through everything at you, from my favourite gig of the year to my favourite album, to even my favourite song and I hope to get a couple of our writers involved too - and all of this is gearing up to Sunday 26th December whereby the playlist for The Blue-in-Green Sessions is going to be a glorious look back over the past 52 weeks of music. 

The playlist for that Sunday's show is already taking shape and is bound to include contributions from Aloe Blacc and Cee Lo along with countless others of my favourite releases so stay tuned and keep watching the blogs.....


End of an era I thought already ended

Check out this bad boy!

This used to be my baby, and the single coolest thing I owned in the 90s.  What's inspired this trip of nostalgia?  Well last month it was reported that Sony have officially stopped manufacturing Walkmans. 

Er... they still manufactured Walkmans??? 

That piece of news was more surprising for 2010 than the news they were still selling them.

Walkmans were something else though, weren't they?  Forget this century and being able to hold your entire music collection in the palm of your hand - do you remember what it was like to finally have a portable music player that you could actually stroll down the street to with huge foamy headphones in your ears blasting your Soul Inspiration mixtape.

As you can tell with this deluxe model on display above, this puppy didn't just have bass - it had "super bass", but I remember when models came out with the auto reverse feature.  People lost their damn minds.  No more flipping the lid and changing sides on the D90 anymore, it changed itself... as if by magic!  (Still felt free to chew my tapes up though: R.I.P. to my Ghostbusters 2 OST.)

Like millions of others I imagine, I progressed on to the CD Walkman in years to come, and probably held on to that for longer than I should have, before having a fleeting affair with the Mini Disc player (yowsers, they came and went quick, right).

Anyway, we here at the Blue-in-Green Sessions and Liberation Frequency salute you Walkman.  Thank you for everything that started with you!


My soul is aliiiivvvveeee


Two blog posts ago, I mentioned that the awesome Soulive were playing in London's Jazz Cafe, 23rd October.  If you're a jazz fan, I really hope you were either there or have the memory of having seen the trio perform before because they're every good as their reputation suggests.  Now fully independent and operating under their own Royal Family record label, I do urge you to check something... anything from their catalogue.

So we're there, the band have played, they were awesome, and then they announce that they're hanging back to sign autographs and sell some CDs.  Now, I've never really done the 'hang back and meet the band' thing after gigs, for two reasons - one, the queue of people you'd have to wait for, and two, that old adage of meeting your heroes and how they might turn out to be.  I don't know why but I thought I'd give it a go this time, moreso because of the fact that they had CDs on offer and buying them in person is probably better than waiting for weeks for them to be shipped in from the US.

I've waited SIX YEARS to see Soulive perform.  That's no exageration.  If anything, it's actually been longer than that.  And, I'm really happy to say that I got to tell them that too.  The guys were cool enough to sign my ticket plus the copy of the 'Rubber Soulive' album they've just released.  I'm happy that I got to tell them that I've waited so long to see them - but the one thing I completely forgot to tell them was that their song 'Joyful Girl' (featuring Dave Matthews, from their album, 'Next') was my wedding song!!!!  I had a nice little chat with them, and it's less than rare that you get the chance to tell one of your heroes what they mean to you so I'm still kicking myself for having let that opportunity pass me by.  I really feel it would have meant something to them to have heard that from anyone but I guess this gives me something to talk about in 6 years time when I see them again :)


Solomon Burke


10th October 2010 marked the sad day that soul legend, Solomon Burke, passed away in an airport in Amsterdam where he was scheduled to perform.

I firstly want to thank my 'blues connection' buddy Phil for putting me on to Burke's music through the album 'Don't Give Up On Me'.  His music - Burke's, not my buddy Phil's - has been famed for its incorporation of blues, country, gospel and soul, and for his 2003 Grammy for the aformentioned 'Don't Give Up On Me'. 

A musical career that spanned more than 50 years, it's truly a testament to an artist whose notoriety only seemed to grow throughout his unwavering passion for his music and performing.

I tip my hat to fans in and around the London area that were fortunate to see Burke perform at the Jazz Cafe this summer, or in fact anywhere at any time.

If you're unfamiliar with Burke's music, I do urge to check an album out.  I'd like to conclude with a link to my favourite song of his, from the album 'Make Do With What You Got', here's the incredible 'Let Somebody Love Me':

Solomon Burke... Gone, but not forgotten.