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Being that My Funky (In)Disposition is LF's music blog for all things soul(y), I just wanted to highlight a couple of gems that are currently in rotation in the stereo as well as the Blue-in-Green Sessions on Starpoint Radio as well.  Checks these songs out as and when you can:

Future Soul Song (Prince) - Check out the Music forum for discussion on Prince's '20ten' album, which is very much still out there to find via the usual haunts like Amazon and eBay, but regardless of peoples' expectations of current Prince music, 'FSS' is a shining example of the greatness he's famed for, and still delivers.

Don't Take My Shadow (Kings Go Forth) - Already claiming the spot for 'best album of 2010' with 'The Outsiders Are Back', the Kings' masterpiece of a song will take some beating if it's going to lose out to anyone else as 'best song of 2010'. 

Tightrope (Janelle Monae f/t Big Boi) - Our adoration of Janelle Monae has already been discussed at large, and with an album like 'The ArchAndroid', she looks set to occupy her spot with us for some time.

Unbroken, Unshaven (Budos Band) - The release of Budos Band III contributes towards a great year for Daptone Records, and the instrumental afro-soul outfit have probably delivered their best effort yet.  I picked this song based on the title alone so it's just really lucky that it's a cool track as well :)

I'll Kill Her (Cee Lo) - This awesome number comes from Cee Lo's free online mixtape, 'Stray Bullets' ... firstly, DL it.  DL it now!  It's completely free and available for you to type the relevant words into Google and get your hands on it.  If this incredible freebie is any indication of what we can expect from the album, then we're all in for a huge treat!

Turns Me On (Big Boi f/t Sleepy Brown & Joi) - Two years in the making but finally we have the solo release from OutKast's Big Boi... and it's great!


Wu-Tang Clan, 4th August

Three members of Team LF (Dan Collacott, Matt Worrall and myself) were invited to the O2 Academy Brixton on the 4th August as guests of headline performers of the night - The Wu-Tang Clan [Huh?... What do you mean we weren't 'invited'?! ... So how much were the tickets? ... We owe HOW MUCH?!]  Yes, anyway, I thought it would be fun to review the gig by way of addressing a number of hip-hop concert cliches and see how many, if any, the group lived up to.

Hi Imran, so first thing's first - what with the amount of members of the Clan there are, was everyone present and accounted?

Sadly not.  The one missing member was Method Man, which is a crotch-kicking no-show.  It's like seeing The Beatles without McCartney, The Stones without Jagger, or Girls Aloud without the really white ginger one.

We're off to a bad start it seems.  Well, what about the timing - did the guys grace the stage at a reasonable time?


What!? That's a bit late.  I bet they stayed on til super late though?


What?! That seems a bit short for a group with 5 group albums and far too many solos to list?

It was a bit, but let me tell you - on stage, they're awesome.  It gets a bit much with 10 guys yelling into their mics at the same time, but these dudes know how to rock a crowd.  There were times you could actually feel the walls of Brixton Academy swaying with the crowd within it as we all rocked along to hits like 'Triumph', 'Protect Ya Neck' and 'C.R.E.A.M.'.

I suppose the 'no smoking indoors' rule has put an end to any unscrupulous individuals smoking wacky-backy in the crowd though?

No it hasn't.  There were smokers.  A lot.  Rest assured though, I've written a strong letter of complaint to the venue for not providing enough ashtrays.

What will you remember most about your time with The Wu?

"Wu-Tang?! As in ... 'Gravel Pit'?" - This was the response of a younger work colleague of Matt's when he told her where he was going that night.  I wasn't even there, it has zero to do with the concert, but it's my favourite memory of the night, and went on to make their encore of ... 'Gravel Pit', all the more sweeter.

Doesn't she know that Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthin to F##k with?



"I'm an alien from outer space" (c) Janelle Monae

For me, one of the coolest things to happen in music in 2010 is the success of Janelle Monae.  Now, I want to make the purpose of this post quite clear - this isn't meant to serve as an album review, or any kind of promotion of Monae as an artist, but really to celebrate her success and the circumstances surrounding her major label signing.

In 2007, Janelle Monae was selling copies of her debut EP ('Metropolis: The Chase Suite') independently.  'Metropolis' was initially intended to be delivered over 4 EPs and chart the story of Cindi Mayweather - a cyborg living in the year 2719, who is targeted for termination after she falls in love with a human called Anthony Greendown.  The music was as rich in elements of bouncy electronica and funk as it was in cabaret and folk stylings, but all delivered beautifully underneath Monae's impecable and inspiring vocals.

As impressive as the above may sound, the hard truth is very little of the above indicates chart success - I mean that comment respectfully too, as any reader or contributor of this site will  tell you, immense talent doesn't always equate to millions of records sold.  Something about it though struck a chord with Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, and in March 2008, it was announced that Monae had been signed to his Bad Boy Records label, and that he had dubbed her the most important signing of his career since Christopher Wallace.  He would also go on to say "It's so good that it's not a risk, it's not about the sales ... This is more than a business or making money in the music industry.  I could be a part of giving a gift to the world of something like Billie Holiday."

A repackaging of 'The Chase Suite' swiftly followed (with two bonus songs included), and in 2010, we have the debut album, 'The ArchAndroid', released to incredible critical acclaim and has become a standout gem of the year.

If I'm honest, I doubted the album would see an official release - I feared the announcement of "Due to creative differences, Janelle Monae has parted way with Bad Boy Records...", but thankfully that didn't happen.  I won't bore you all with the same old cynical arguement about major labels and their regurgitation of play-it-safe formulas - we all know it backwards - but for an artist to be signed based on their creativity and talent, and then be given all the freedom required to deliver the project she wanted to ... well, I just found it refreshing and something to be applauded.  



Should anyone be undecided as to whether The Blue-in-Green Sessions would truly cater to your soul music needs, check out the playlist for the 11th July's live broadcast:

  • 'Need A Little Love' Breakestra
  • 'Let Somebody Love Me' Solomon Burke
  • 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' [The Randy Watson Experience Remix] Gladys Knight & The Pips
  • 'Bubble' Soulive
  • 'The Way I Feel' Remy Shand
  • 'Boondigga' Fat Freddy's Drop
  • 'Don't Take My Shadow' Kings Go Forth
  • 'Is It' Cee Lo
  • 'Bottle Of Hope' Plantlife
  • 'How I Do' Shawn Stockman f/t Cy Young
  • 'Tightrope' Janelle Monae f/t Big Boi
  • 'Upper Class' Poets of Rhythm
  • 'Which Love' Bob & Gene
  • 'Ordinary Joe' Terry Callier
  • 'My World Is Empty' Lee Fields & The Expressions
  • 'Time's A Wastin' Erykah Badu
  • 'Trying To Make A Fool Of Me' The Delfonics
  • 'Safari' Brazilian Groove Band
  • Album of the week: Jose James & Jef Neve 'For All We Know'
  • 2 From 1 @ 9: Carl Thomas

The Blue-in-Green Sessions [LIVE]...

What kind of music blog would this be if we didn't allocate some space to talk about our very own radio show...?!  The Blue-in-Green Sessions has been a part of Starpoint Radio since September 2009, and in honesty, we couldn't find a better fit...

Starting out in 1985 as a pirate radio station serving London and the Home Counties, Starpoint now exists online still providing the stellar calibre of soul music that saw its rise to prominence and continue to be a torchbearer for soul music in London today.

Broadcast live (at the slightly unsociable hour of) 8am every Sunday morning, we present a jam-packed 2 hours of soul music from past icons to future classics, where names like Jose James, Plantlife, James Brown, Prince, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and Raphael Saadiq find themselves on regular rotation, along with many many more from the UK and overseas.  In the LF tradition, we unashamedly wave the flag for independent music and try our best to put a few new names your way from the worlds of soul, jazz and funk. 

We'd love your company, but if bright and early Sunday morning isn't the best time for you, the show is re-broadcast every Wednesday morning, 11-1pm GMT.

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