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Dropping the ball

It was some months ago now, but Curly CJ (whose show follows mine on Sunday mornings) gave me a fantastic gift of an incredibly hard-to-find track by Shuya Okino called 'Still in Love' - apparently having been made famous for underground heads by Gilles Peterson.  Ceej had been looking for this for ages and, believing there was never to be an official release, we sat smugly thinking we had what was as good as it was going to get.

The beginning of August though, CJ turns up at the studio with a copy of arguably the best CD packaging I've ever seen in the form of Shuya Okino's brand new album 'Destiny', featuring the aforementioned 'Still in Love' track.  Man, collectors would go crazy for this CD - it's technically a mini-book with the CD tagged on at the end.  Granted the book only features pictures of the man getting dressed in fly gear, but ultimately I'm thinking I NEED this CD. 

Anyone that knows me though, knows that I'm a procrastinator - I'll wait, and wait... and wait, but it seems that even a week was too long as it's sold out.  Everywhere.  Simply Soul was to be my initial choice of vendor but... gone.  I clicked over to Juno but... gone.

This CD is now the most important thing in my life!

I must have it.  Now!

I found a picture of it online which should give a taster of how it looks:


Sexy huh?  I'm now looking high and low for this and will post up some nice pics as soon as I find it.

Well done to anyone who was quicker off the mark than I was - I hear good things about the album so hope it's half as good to listen to as it will be to look at!

I'll keep you all posted.



Show playlists

Inexcusably, no blog posts for a while but there are some treats coming up, I assure you.  In the meantime, here are some playlits from shows over the past three weeks. 

Huge shout out to Rob Alias from Starpoint Radio who's kind words about the show came at the right time! 

24th July 2011

'Release It' - The Time
'Magic' [Remix] - Robin Thicke f/t Mary J Blige and Wale
'Which Love' - Bob & Gene
'So Good Today' [Dap-Kings Remix] - Ben Westbeech
'Come on Train' [Ian Parton Remix] - Don Thomas
'You Don't Know' - Smoothe & Turrell
'On The Love Side' - Hank Ballard
'When You're Through' - Spanky Wilson & Quantic Soul Orchestra
'Ain't So Low' - Dojo Cuts
'Struggling' - The Snugs
'Bullets in The Sky' - Nikka Costa
'Exodus' - Darius Rucker
'She's Got Me' - Mark Ronson f/t Daniel Merriweather
'My Peoples' - Raheem DeVaughn
'Feels So Good' - Larry Gold f/t Nanda
'The Dance' - Prince
'Brighter Day' - Nick Pride & The Pimptones f/t Susan Hamilton
'Heaven on Earth' - JR Bailey
'Ordinary Joe' - Terry Callier
'A Mighty Good Feeling' - Shirley Brown

Album of the week: 'The Liberators' - The Liberators

2 from 1 @ 9: Amy Winehouse


31st July 2011

'Summertime' - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
'Come Over' - Estelle
'Please Stay' - Ledisi
'Another Again' - John Legend
'Anytime' - Brian McKnight
'Free' - Matsi
'Hold On' - Dwele
'Hennessey Parts 1 & 2' - Kev Brown f/t Ken Starr, Cronkite, Erro and Wayna
'Don't You Forget It' - Glenn Lewis
'Tonight is The Night' [Stuart Matthewman Remix] - The Isley Brothers
'Future Soul Song' - Prince
'Unthinkable' - Alicia Keys f/t Drake
'Feel Like Making Love' - Roberta Flack
'After The Dance' - Marvin Gaye
'The Bronx' - Booker T Jones f/t Lou Reed
'The World (Is Going Up in Flames) - Charles Bradley
'Life Can Be The Greatest Thing' - Mudbone
'Bring You Down' [4 Hero Remix] - Incognito
'Fall Back' - Middlewood Sessions
'Sugar Cane' - The Bahama Soul Club f/t Pat Appleton

2 from 1 @ 9: Plantlife


8th August 2011

'Paris 1798430' - Tevin Campbell
'The Right Kinda Lover' - Patti Labelle
'My Oh My' [Smoothed Out Mix] - Chantay Savage
'Love is for Fools' - Mint Condition
'Sprung on It' - After 7
'You Make Love Real Easy' [2011 Mix] - Dojo Cuts
'1000 Songs' - Kings Go Forth
'Strength, Courage and Wisdom' - India.Arie
'Papa's Got A Brand New Bag' - The Sweet Vandals
'Under My Skin' - The Hawk f/t Little Hannah Collins
'The Informer' - Jools Holland f/t Ruby Turner
'Give Me One More Chance' [Lack of Afro Remix] - Diplomats of Solid Sound
'Closing Time Duet' - Liquid Streets
'Precious' - Esperanza Spalding
'So Dark' - Prince
'Time Will Reveal' - AAries
'Still in Love With You' - Sade

Album of the week: 'Love and Revolution' - Nicola Conte

2 from 1 @ 9: The Time


'Love and Revolution' - Nicola Conte [album review] 

 Written by Imran Mirza

Arguably the most prolific artist I can think of, Italian guitarist and producer, Nicola Conte stamps his name on to 2011 with his brand new release, ‘Love and Revolution’ on Impulse Records (interestingly not released through his own Schema Records, however, as his Blue Note Records release, ‘Other Directions’, demonstrates, he’s certainly partial to collaborating with outside labels).

Although the themes of this release are fairly obviously spelt out in the title, thinking about it, ‘Love’ and ‘Revolution’ are probably themes that have played a consistent part in much of Nicola Conte’s ever expanding catalogue.  And it really is ever expanding.  In the past eleven years, since ‘Jet Sounds’ was bestowed upon us, Conte has amassed a discography including four solo studio albums, which don’t include the remix albums, deluxe reissues and compilations, nor mentioning the long list of outside collaborations and remixes that seem to surface on a daily basis.  Where he finds time to do anything else is beyond me?!

‘Love and Revolution’ sources Conte’s typically glorious cocktail of bossa mixed with contemporary and classic jazz stylings, but this time there’s a more-than-welcome dash of 70s soul thrown in, all making the perfect inimitable blend for a quality summer soundtrack.  Guests abound on this one too as Gregory Porter (whose excellent opener, ‘Do You Feel Like I Feel’, is a close show-stealer), Jose James (who appears on three tracks: bliss!) and Nailah Porter take up vocal duties, and guest musicians include saxophonists, Timo Lassy and Magnus Lindgren, trumpeters Till Bronner and Fabrizio Bosso, bassist Paolo Benedettini, and pianist Pietro Lussu.

I mentioned ‘Do You Feel Like I Feel’ as a gleaming highlight, on an album where there are many, including the Roy Ayers reworking of ‘Light Of The Sun’ (featuring the aforementioned James and (N)Porter), but in honesty, each probably queue behind the incredible title track, as sang by Melanie Charles, which is a rousing and uplifting number that’s impossible not to leave you humming blissfully for the rest of your day.  As with any Conte album, there are few issues to complain about, but in this case, the exception would have to be ‘Bantu’ which, as good as it is, just seems somewhat out of place.  Its thumping, almost dance/house-like nature boasts of Conte’s versatility, but just doesn’t really fit within the album’s overall tone here (and perhaps would have been better placed amongst the second disc of the deluxe edition(?)).

I’m biting my knuckles as I type this to suppress my possible over-excitement as I mumble the words: “… his best album yet!?”.  Time is always the best judge of these things though but it does add further weight to the argument that Conte couldn’t make a bad song if he tried, let alone a bad album.

Oh yes, before I forget - if you haven't read my previous blog entry on Nicola Conte, you might find it worth the read.


'Into the Rain' by Felix Riebl [album review]


FELIX RIEBL – Into the Rain (MGM)

Written by Krissi Weiss

There’s no pulsing horns, annoying jazz trickery, funk fuelled rhythms or questionably pitched vocal lines. Basically, if you are looking for a Cat Empire-style party album, this is not for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I like what the Cat Empire have done, but it was never flawless. It is hard to ignore where Riebl has come from, yet I realise this isn’t about The Cat Empire, this is about Felix Riebl creating a new sound with a new project. Mission successful. Part Wilco, part Elliott Smith and even part Americana, Riebl has produced an album that is tranquil, raw and endearing. The fact that he has thrown in a cover of Springsteen’s 'I’m On Fire' can lend a hint to the approach Riebl has taken with 'Into The Rain'.

There’s a little bit of rock, a little bit of southern American charm and for someone that blithely struggled their way through the vocals of The Cat Empire’s breakthrough hit, 'Hello Hello', he has really tailored his voice to be pitch perfect and soulful. His close mic technique has him gently singing each line with little in the way of bravado. The culmination of his “other” band's successes are being dissected throughout the lyrics of this album. 'Worries I’ve Had' and 'Bones' seem to highlight this reflective mood while the album opener, 'Wide Open Rivers', sounds like it flowed effortlessly from creation to the moment of recording.

It is great when you see an artist truly evolve from their origins and create something new.

This article was originally published in Rave Magazine


Blue-in-Green playlist 10th July 2011

It's been so long since I posted up a playlist so thought I'd include the one from last week's show. 

It was fun for nostalgia more than anything - a lot of these songs are really from when I first started becoming a fan of music and represent a lot of my early purchases [the After 7 track takes me right back to being in school, like 13/14 years old!].  I've wanted to play MJ's 'Who Is It' for so long and finally think I managed to segue it into a relevant playlist - is it really controversial to say that it comes from my favourite Michael Jackson album?  I know it falls just outside of the holy trinity of Quincy Jones productions, but 'Dangerous' [once you remove the 'Heal The World', 'Keep The Faith'-esque songs] is an absolute gem! 

Playlist for tomorrow's show is all done and I think I'll be posting that up to within a few days as it's another solid selection - I'm clearly biased though!  Remember, The Blue-in-Green Sessions broadcasts live every Sunday morning 8am-10am on so feel free to check us out some time!

'17 Days' - Prince
'I'll Be A Freak For You' - Royal Delight
'Back Together Again' - Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
'Even When You Sleep' - The SOS Band
'Never Knew Love Like This' - Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle
'I Remember' - Boyz II Men
'Who Is It' - Michael Jackson
'If I Love You Tonight' - Mayte
'Mood' - Chante Moore
'Ready Or Not' - After 7
'Tell Me' - Groove Theory
'Soul Of A Woman' - Kelly Price
'I Can't Tell You Why' - Brownstone
'I Wish I Wasn't' - Heather Headley
'Should I' - Grenique
'Starship' - Conya Doss
'All Day Thinking' - Babyface

Album of the Week: 'Road from Memphis' by Booker T Jones

2 From 1 @ 9: Nicole Willis