September 07th 2010

TRACEY THORN - 'Opposites EP' (Strange Feeling)
Written by Tristan Hanks
This digital only EP consists of three tracks from Tracey Thorns latest long player ‘Love and Opposites’ which have been remixed by three completely different artists. While there is no ‘Missing’ type track here it seems that this was the aim as Tracey has said that these mixes ‘are perhaps aimed more at the head’ than the dancefloor. All the tracks come with the original album versions for comparison which makes what has been done with them even more intriguing.
Starting off with Visionquest’s mix of ‘Swimming’, the listener is immediately transported to the West Coast of America via swirling psychedelic vocals which climax with a lovely Balearic groove. Visionquest frontman Seth Troxler has made a name for himself as a resident DJ par excellence in Berlin and his influences can be heard throughout this track. Elsewhere ‘Late in the Afternoon’ is remixed by Blue Daisy who adds a smoky dubstep sound to an already lethargic tune while giving it an epic widescreen sheen.
The best mix by far is ‘Kentish Town’ which is reshaped by new electronic heroes Walls, whose album, released on the cult German label Kompakt, is a masterstroke in understated sonic invention. Their remix follows this spacey soundscape with touches of Krautrock behind the woozy ambience. Tracey’s vocals are manipulated to create a breathless dream of a remix which puts the simplicity of the original in the shade. It seems Miss Thorn’s songs are ripe for the re-jig and as this EP and its predecessor ‘Why Does the Wind?’ proves, this is no bad thing.

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