September 2013 | Ground Level Podcast

Sick as a Dog!

Ground Level Podcast Episode 11

What's the most disgusting thing you've seen on public transport? or the funniest? We think it's probably connected to projectile vomiting. And, on that subject, if you vomit on someone how long should they be angry for? should they ever forgive you?

Street Preachers and Street performers - they are everywhere and its driving us a bit mad. Ok, we admit, some of them are quite entertaining, but others... are quite scary.

also in this episode: The Metro Newspaper (again), the middle east, and the big question... What is Dan's real name?

It's time for another Ground Level Pod Y'all! 


July 2013 | The LF Podcast

The Sound of Movies

 LF Podcast Episode 30

 Movies are arguably the most visually appealing storytelling medium, but as we've known for decades, their attraction is severely diminised without sound. And what is a soundtrack without music? well, just a bunch of noises, right?

In this episode of the Liberation Frequency, we are taking our first look at movie soundtracks. Which ones are the most memorable? Which ones are our favourites? Can you a soundtrack make or break a movie... or an artist?

With this being our first Podcast in a while, we also have a lot of regular stuff to catch up, including the first wave of summer blockbusters. Star Trek: Into DarknessIron Man 3World War Z. All those... and The Book of Mormon!


March 2013 | The LF Podcast

Heroes & Villains

LF Podcast Episode 29

What would a good film, comic or book be without a great villain or an even greater hero? In this episode of the Liberation Frequency, we look at the good guys and bad guys of popular fiction

What makes a great hero? Who are the best villains? Are there heroes where we least expect them? What about... Music? We think there are and have a few candidates!

Also in this episode: Imran tells us all about his experience at a live recording of Later with Jules Holland. Bernice has been to see Django Unchained and Anti-Viral.  Gavin dives deeper into Marvel Now! and Denis-Jose has finally seen The Iron Lady.


February 2013 | Ground Level Podcast

A wee glass of beer for the road

Ground Level Podcast Episode 08

 It's 11.30pm, you've been drinking since 6 and you're faced with the dreaded one hour tube journey home with a full bladder. How do you survive? Worse, you are stuck in the middle of a ten thousand strong crowd at a rock festival and you badly need to 'go'. what do you do?

Fruit in Beer. Why would you do such a thing? And why would you go to work when you are sick, but happily take a sick day when you are not?

we've got the answers to these questions along with thoughts on Intrusive advertising, the value of detoxing and limp handshakes!


 January 2013 | The LF Podcast


Here come the girls!

LF Podcast Episode 28

In this episode of the LF Podcast, we take a look at the roles of women in genre fiction, specifically film & TV. What are the good, strong female character roles and which movies  are the worst offenders for promoting bad female sterotypes?

There's also a review of last years Top Ten most kick-ass women in sci-fi list.

We also discuss recent trends in film trailers, what we all thought about The Hobbit and which movies we are excited about for 2013. Is 3D Dead now?

Gavin tells us about his christmas pressies, Bernice tells us about All new X-men, Denis has been re-watching Spaced and we all ponder the idea that the world ended in 2012 and we could be living in purgatory...


December 2012 | Ground Level Podcast

Onesie in, Onesie out!

Ground Level Podcast Episode 07

It's Christmas! But is that an excuse for grown men & women to dress in Romper suits? WTF?? but never mind that. What's your favorite bit of Xmas? do you have an Xmas pressie Strategy? And have you ever had a really bad festive season? Meanwhile, still on the subject of holidays, have you ever been to the wrong place at the wrong time? And what the hell does One in, One out mean? it's all Ho Ho Ho (or is that Ooh Ooh Ooh?) in this months Ground Level Pod!



 November 2012 | The LF Podcast


88 Miles Per Hour!

LF Podcast Episode 27

Time. It ruthlessly marches on, without waiting or consent. Perhaps that's why the dream of time travel is such a strong one? The chance to change the past.... Or to see into the future!  Indeed, since before the birth of cinema, comics, games and the other geeky pastimes we hold dear at LF, Time Travel has been a great source of fiction. In this episode of the liberation frequency, we take a look at our favourtie Time Travel films and stories!

We also spend some time pondering such cosmic events as a proposed JLA movie, the merger of Lucasfilm & Disney, the latest James Bond adventure and more!


October 2012 | Ground Level Podcast


It's all about the flavour combinations!

Ground Level Podcast Episode 06

Join Lofty, Browny & Denis-Jose for light-hearted discussion about holidays, operations, weird food combinations, Pet Bites, free newspapers, bad weather conditions (and their effects modern technology), driving tests & some thoughts on being aware of people with disablities. All on this months Ground Level Pod, episode 06!


  October 2012 | The LF Podcast

The Rise of The Machines

LF Podcast Episode 26

The Future. For many it looks as though we are on the cusp of a technological utopia. One that we have created ourselves through our own clever machinations. But what if we are unknowingly heading down a dark and destructive path? A path where, without realising it, we have created the tools of our own demise. What if the technology we are busy creating one day turns against us?

In this, handy survival guide, we look at the possibilities of...THE RISE OF THE MACHINES! How will you survive when mankind is being eliminated and turned to slavery by the very robots, computers and appliances that it's invented? Where do you hide? What essential items do you need?


September 2012 | The LF Podcast

This is the Self Preservation Society!

LF Podcast Episode 25

Spoiler Alert!: In this episode of the Liberation Frequency, we are talking about our favourtie movie endings. So there will be spoilers! 

Is there really such a thing as a Hollywood Ending? Why are some endings better than others? And do some directors take short cuts and not finish their films?

Imran tells the tale of Mingering Mike, Dan went to FrightFest, Bernice tells us all about Total Recall and Denis gives verdict on The Dark Knight Rises. Also... just what is Avengers vs X-Men all about? 


 September 2012 | Ground Level Podcast

Doctor Doctor I'm a fading pop star!

Ground Level Podcast episode 05

When is a rumour good? when is it bad? Who starts them and why?

Recently there's been a lot of high praise for the British NHS, yet for most people, the experience is quite poor. Why is that exactly? If its not the doctors, nurses or facilities, then what's wrong with institution? The boys think they have the answer..

Since when did a wave of the hand become a legitimate road signal which allows drivers to do what they please? Why hasn't reality TV gone away? Flavor of Love anyone?

All this and much much more on Ground Level Pod Episode 5


September 2012 | Tech Lunch Podcast

Thunderbolt & Lightning (fast)

Tech Lunch Episode 10

It's all about New Computers this time round! After a nice long summer holiday (sort of) Richard, Denis-Jose & Markel are back with tale of their new computer & gadget purchases.

How easy was it to install Windows 7 on a new HP z600? Denis found out.. the easy way! And how long does the battery on a brand new Macbook Air last? Richard tells all.

Is it better to Loan or Buy? Markel ponders the question with a few examples, including Bruce Willis vs Apple Computer

And, what is the difference between USB 3 & Thunderbolt? All this in Tech Lunch Episode 10!


August 2012 | Ground Level Podcast


The Banana Games. Bukah!

Ground Level Podcast episode 04

Do you define yourself as British, English or none of the above? How do you define Britishness? Are the Olympics a joy or a curse?

Regeneration, new transport infrastructure, possible new investment? But have the games really made our lives better, or do the costs outweigh the gains?

And why do women use more toilet paper than men? Do police helicopters have the right to circle our houses noisily at night? Ever found yourself repeatedly emptying your bladder at the same time as someone you hardly know at the pub? Find the answers to all these things on this months ground level pod!


July 2012 | The LF Podcast

What the Bleep are you talking about?

The LF Podcast Episode 24

As long as there has been media and government there has been censorship. But why? Why do we do it, and is it actually effective?

This month, The LF crew tackle the subject of of censorship in all forms of media: Music, Film, Books, Comedy, Comics & Games. We look at some well known - and not so well known - examples of the curtailing of expression and take a closer look at the watershed rules and the comics code authority.

We also talk about The Avengers & Prometheus, and look back at the recent Kapow! comic convention.


  July 2012 | Ground Level Podcast


Where ever you go... There you are!

Ground Level Podcast episode 03

Do you prefer to live in the city or country? Do you live where you grew up? if you don't will you go back there one day?

Of course, living is easier once you've found somewhere decent. But that's assuming you get past the various obstacle courses and acid tests that letting agencies put you through these days

And why are some people always late? Is there a way to escape from your friends at the pub? Is it OK to keep things from your partner? If so, what? Why do people say things like 'it is what it is? or 'It was meant to be? find the answers to all these things on this months ground level pod!


June 2012 | Video Podcast


The Kapow 2012 Video Diaries

At this years kapow comic convention, we got the opportunity to interview a number of independant UK comic creators, including the poeple behind 'Kill shakespeare, Nobrow Publishing, Afterlife Inc, Mister Who and the cast of Electric Man.

Watch Video Diaries

  May 2012 | The LF Podcast


A Conversation with Has Dulull

The LF Podcast Episode 23


This Episode we take a break from our regular discussion to bring you an in depth discussion with Hasraf Dulull, director of the recently released and much acclaimed short animated film, Fubar. Haz talks about his inspirations and the unusual journey that led to this mini epic!



May 2012 | Ground Level Podcast


Pardon My Strong Language!

Ground Level Podcast episode 02

LOL? PMSL? In this Episode we try to unravel some of the mysteries of text shortcuts. FYI! Whatever they mean you may well end up ROFL! And for those who don't remember how to communicate at all, we have some useful tips.

Are you short of a bit of Cash? Yes? Then why not borrow some from one of the many money lending services that we see advertised every day? We'll tell you why not!

Also: People who don't vote, Osama Bin Landen gets the tube, Olympic Lisa Simpson, Stinging Nettles and an invisible Bar tender competition... all on this months Ground Level Pod!


April 2012 | The LF Podcast

 Getting into Comics, The LF Way!

The LF Podcast Episode 22

With so much time on our podcast (and site) dedicated to the noble art of comic books and graphic novels, yet with so many of our readers & listeners not really into comics at all, we decided it was time to talk about one of our favourite subjects with a bias towards the uninitiated. Why do we read comics? Why should YOU read comics? Which ones should you read first? And what does the world at large think of this most geeky of storytelling mediums? Join us on this two-parter and find out!



April 2012 | Ground Level Podcast


A bowl full of Facebook

Ground Level Podcast episode 01

In this episode, we take a shrewd look at some of the things that cause a love hate relationship with the biggest social vehicle of the current time: Facebook! Why do people post annoying status updates? And pictures of your babies? And of their Babies? And what happens when you cut it out of your life entirely?

We also have a chin wag about Celebrity Animals, Chuggers - Charity Muggers, Panic Buying and ask the most important question of all... why would you buy a bowl of aubergines?


April 2012 | Tech Lunch Podcast

John Lewis: 1 - HMV: 0

Tech Lunch Podcast Episode 07

The big news this month is, of course, iPad 3, but not as big as the fact that Markel actually stood in line for one!. Despite giving it to his wife as a present he managed to sneak it out of the house for us to croon over. Richard tells a cautionary tale about shopping at HMV on Oxford Street... and why he prefers John Lewis. Denis-Jose tried to find a bargain in Game, but failed. And also failed to go a month without somekind of headphone or phone issue.

As well as bringing in the iPad 3, Markel also aquired an USB FM Transmitter and a USB adapater for his laptop power block.


March 2012 | The LF Podcast

A Funny Thing Happened On

The Way To The...

The LF Podcast Episode 21

We all know that humour, like art, is subjective, but is comedy also timeless? In this episode of the LF Podcast we take a look at comedy on the silver screen and ask the questions: What are our favourite Comedic Movies of all time? And why?

But not before Imran tells us about the return of D'Angelo to world of Live Music, Dan experiences the almighty Ramstein in concert, Bernice (and the boys) visit the London Super Comic Con and Denis-Jose feels cheated by the 3D craze after watching Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2D.

All this and more 'Big Ups', site highlights and Frequency Asked Questions! 


March 2012 | Ground Level Podcast

Olympic Issues

Ground Level Podcast episode 00

In this preview of Ground Level, we take a look at the upcoming Olympic Games from the perspective of those who live in London. What will it really mean to us, will we get to enjoy it live and do we even care if we don't?

We also have a natter about the Big Easter Egg Hunt, stolen bronze statues, insurance policies that make you feel like scum and people who don't know how to use a ticket barrier or a flight of stairs.

Join Denis-Jose Francois, Dan Collacott & Lofty for their thoughts on all these things and more!


  February 2012 | Tech Lunch

A House Made of Tripods

Tech Lunch Podcast Episode 07

This month the boys - Denis-Jose, Markel & Richard - are in NoHo, Central London trying out a new lunch location and, as always, talking tech & gadgets.

Richard was invited to an exclusive Nikon Launch event, for their new product Range of D4 & D8 Cameras, He tells us about it whilst revealing some secrets of his own... Denis-Jose has a brand new Velbon CX 540 Tripod, very cheap compared to Richard's pro devices. Markel tells us about the Humax Digital Video Recorder he installed at Xmas and the boys muse on whether A DVR & a couple of good streaming video services are better value than an all in one service like Sky.

Richard has been trying out NetFlix and Denis-Jose is still in love with LoveFilm, whilst Markel dos battle against the supply and demand algorithm at Amazon...


February 2012 | The LF Podcast

Thar be... Pirates!

The LF Podcast episode 20

Ha Haar me hearties (and a bottle of rum)! This month we take a look at digital piracy and ask the questions: How bad is it? Who is really losing out? Are pirated copies truly lost sales? Will it ever go away?

We also address some burning issues (such as where in geekdom would we evacuate the entire human race too in an emergency) in our new section: Frequency Asked Questions!

 Also the best transformer insults, 'The Artist', The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and London Super Comic Convention!


 January 2012 | Tech Lunch

Is this the droid you're looking for?

Tech Lunch Podcast Episode 06

Happy New Year and welcome back to Tech Lunch! After a 3 month break the boys - Denis-Jose, Markel & Richard - are back in central London at a new hidden location but still talking tech & gadgets.

With New Year and Xmas just gone past there are plenty of new toys to play with. Denis has a shiny new Android based SonyEricsson Xperia Ray and Markel has a not-quite-as-new Nokia E8. Richard his iCloud experiences with us as well as his bafflement on over priced high street retailers. Finally Denis-Jose has a story to tell about how he acquired a brand new Sony Blu-Ray player for no real good reason...


January 2012 | The LF Podcast

We Are One!

The LF Podcast episode 19

Happy New Year... and Happy Birthday to us! The LF Podcast is one year old with this episode and in order to celebrate the year gone past we spend some time looking back at the best and worst of the year. Which films, comics, TV and music were the most memorable? Which were the big disappointments? And was anything so bad that it was good?

Of course we couldn't look back without looking forward so in this, the second half of our New Year Birthday show we cast an eager eye at 2012 and all it's geeky media promise in Film, Comics, Television & Music.

There's also a fantastic birthday give away in the form of The Walking Dead Season 1 DVD