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How can Peter Kay release a second biography?

Firstly I am a massive Phoenix Night's fan and I like Peter Kay in general.

But the guy hasn't exactly been productive enough to really be able to justify releasing a second biography.  His last biography sold millions, so you can expect the gullible public to buy this one rabidly also - which makes you think it is purely a cash making excersize - like so many celebrity biographies out there in time for crimbo?

Max & Paddy was released back in 2004 - and was a largely hit and miss affair - lacking what Dave Spikey and Neil Fitzmaurice brought to the writing of Phoenix Nights (of which it was a spin off from).  Since then he's done some charity singles and dragged up for some very sub-standard reality TV spoof stuff.  Even his sell out tours and related DVDs seem to involve the same material that he's been kicking round for a few years.

As I said I like his style of comedy and think he is a brilliant stand-up even if he is accused of nicking material and having a pretty mammoth ego.  I would kill to see Phoenix Nights series 4 - i would even like more Max & Paddy although i would hope he would realise the people he has written with in the past helped make him.

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