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A Tale of a Journey into work when it SNOWED - (parachuting into North Korea would be easier)

You'd think we lived in a permanent state of sunshine and tropical humidity the way our creaking transport infrastructure crumbles when a bit of snow falls.

We knew for weeks possibly even months it was coming, so how come when a few flurries hit London and her surrounding areas do all trains and buses suddenly fall into the abyss? If we were all stomping to the hips into 4ft of snow like many other countries experience........... then fair enough, but within hours of the fall.... the snow wasn't laying anymore and was more like fluffy yellow rain.

My day began with a 35 min wait for a bus, despite the fact every other form of transport moved freely, despite the fact the roads had been gritted adequately. My bus stop in the murky depths of South East London was swamped with confused looking people with snow blown in their faces as they stood under the tiny shelter, you could tell most of them had been there longer than me.

I walked another ten minutes from where the bus stopped and onto the station (road works so all buses on diversion, despite the fact I've not once seen anyone actually doing any work on the road, just a few holes left with cones round them). The overgound train was on time! Ironically my train to work is never on time and despite being overground is more like a cattle truck - (the kind you would associate with the joys of the Northern line) so hooray for snow then?

The fun couldn't last though as on the way home London Bridge was swamped with a vast army of barging pushing moaning aimless commuters all going nowhere because all services were delayed and entrances part closed. I went through the same process of pushing and being pushed through the crowds to electronic information boards which all showed the same gloriously British word next to every service 'delayed.' No-one got on a platform, no one got on a train, no one went anywhere, yet like piss heads wandering to a football match they still barged through in their droves unpeturbed and keen to travel at all costs. It took a further ten minutes to fight my way back outside, I was told the underground was running but I couldn't get near it - plus i was told that few if any overground stations were running any services. WHY? Fuck knows - I know not why the pathetic amound of snow this morning differed from the pathetic amount of snow that evening. After a ten minute walk of contemplation I took a crowded number 40 bus, but of course this ditched it's payload a good mile and a half before its destination WHY? Fuck knows - it looked like all buses were refusing to go down the high street for no reason I could actuall see. I walked the last two miles in the snow on the ungritted pavements, looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.

Praise be to the snow we have every year -  that every year brings our ageing transport network once more to its knees.

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