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Happy 4th Birthday 

An hour ago I received the instruction from my sister of what to buy my niece for her birthday:

Here is the genuine text exchange (she's in bold obviously):

What do i get Amber for her bday?

A pink Twighlight pony. Must b pink. U can get them from Argos!

They all look pink to me, i'm colour blind. I found a pink My Little Pony how about that?

No she likes Twighlight Ponies

What's the difference?

Oh i don't know that's what her friends have

Can't you introduce her to a four year old who likes My Little Ponies?


Ok, have ordered three as I don't know what pink is they all look garish and girlie. Will send them to mums make sure she looks out for them.

Ok gr8 she'll love them

Wot ones did you actually get then?

Blossom, Valentine, Flying Twightlight and Fucknut the Donkey.

How do u know the names + wot colours they are as i can't c

They are all pinky purple red type colours and as pink as they get, the donkey is neon, i looked online.

So did I + they don't tell you the names wot you looked at?

Sod off + go feed yr donkey. There r 6 ponies all different colours. I couldn't find their sodding names + no donkeys.

I found even more at this website, although they aren't as colourful:

ha ha

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