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Film Industry vs Piracy part 2

Before I continue my ramblings about piracy and the film inustry I wanted to make one thing clear, I don't in anyway condone or support piracy. Yes I do believe we as the consumer should get more value for our money and the industry should work harder to make their product more appealing and accessible. But I don't think all art should be viewed for free.

MP3 Killed the Record Company
The film industry have an opportunity to learn from the failings of the music industry. When Napster hoved into view - arrogant music execs refused to see the writing on the wall, stupid companies and artists like Lars Ulrich threw their toys out of their prams and jumped up and down like angry greedy little pixies.

Now they could have just realised that for years they had been consorting with the high street CD chains to charge the consumer CDs at pretty ridiculous mark ups! Do you remember wandering into HMV or Ourprice and having to pay £15-£20 for a CD because it was the only one in stock or an import? Or £3.99 for a CD single just because it was popular and they knew they could charge that?

Record companies had ripped off consumers and bands a-like for decades and failed to take the threat of downloads seriously. Now bands can get their music out there without having to have their entire lives 'owned' by unscrupulous record companies. Ok the downside of this is that fewer bands can make money out of music like before, most have to work harder than ever and the 'live experience' is crucial to any band's success. It's not songs that make bands and artists money, it is their touring, their merchandising - bands have to do more than ever to compete. I'm not saying that this is fair but at least they are in control of their destiny and not the record companies.

Wake Up Call
The film industry is certainly out of touch with it's customer, it is so heavily dominated by the US that it's only films made by the big studios that gets worldwide distribution by the cinema chains THEY OWN. Films are made for profit, they are made to get you into the cinema - it's far less about the experience you have when you actually get there. You pay £10 -12 for an average ticket in London and almost the same on pocorn and drink (mmm popcorn the most expensive sugar or salty air you'll ever buy) with a high chance that you will come out feeling ripped off.

So what is my point? What will discourage priracy from happening? Well the truth is nothing probably. But if the big companies swallow their pride and lower ticket prices, give distribution deals and backing to smaller film projects and foreign film makers then maybe just maybe more people will go to the cinema rather than sitting in their pants at home watching what at best will probably be a fair lower quality experience via a downloaded avi or some type. Odeon, Vue, Cineworld etc. etc. need to reward their customers with a film membership or loyalty card system that rewards its patrons with free film viewings and money off etc (they've had them before and some do now but most don't).

Obviously making the film experience as good as you can make it helps, digital, 3D, IMAX asa default will defitely make downloading less desriable. But not if you charge an extra 20% for the privelidge, plus not all films need to be in 3D! 

more to follow...... 

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