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What are some of your favourite sitcoms that didn't get the kudos or repeat value you think they deserve?

I've listed two i think should be shown again to get us started:

1) Garth Meringhi's Dark Place: Starring Matt Holness, Matt Berry, Richard Ayeode, Alice Lowe as well as cameos from Noel Fielding an Julien Barrett.

This spoof of a kind St Elsewhere style hospital drama meets the Twighlight Zone filmed in the 70s was utterly inspired. The series was presented like a documentary where the writers/actors had finally been allowed to show their work on channel 4 decades after it was first meant to air. Each epsiode is punctuated by interviews with the stars themselves (or rather the actors playing thos characters). Given a late night showing time and never repeated since, the series remains more of a cult sitcom but could easily have been a much bigger hit had the BBC actually bothered to in anyway support or promote it.

2) Snuff Box: Starring Rich Fulcher and Matt Berry

This bizaare sketch style collaboration between Matt Berry (IT Crowd) and Rich Fulcher (Mighty Boosh) was as strange, offensive and offbeat as it was funny. I didn't see it when it aired on BBC 3 so don't really know what the audience viewing figures were like. Despite having some inspired musical set pieces and superb running jokes the show has never been repeated and remains a mostly undiscovered diamond.

August 1, 2010 | Registered CommenterDan Collacott