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Tech Lunch ep007 - A House Made of Tripods

This month the boys - Denis-Jose, Markel & Richard - are in NoHo, Central London trying out a new lunch location and, as always, talking tech & gadgets.

Richard was invited to an exclusive Nikon Launch event, for their new product Range of D4 & D8 Cameras, He tells us about it whilst revealing some secrets of his own... Denis-Jose has a brand new Velbon CX 540 Tripod, very cheap compared to Richard's pro devices. Markel tells us about the Humax Digital Video Recorder he installed at Xmas and the boys muse on whether A DVR & a couple of good streaming video services are better value than an all in one service like Sky.

Richard has been trying out NetFlix and Denis-Jose is still in love with LoveFilm, whilst Markel dos battle against the supply and demand algorithm at Amazon...

Tech Lunch Episode 7

Tech Lunch #007 - Friday 23rd February 2012

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