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Tech Lunch ep008 - John Lewis: 1 - HMV: 0

This month the boys - Denis-Jose, Markel & Richard - return to last months lunch location in NoHo, Central London and have a longer than usual ramble about a very wide range of... Stuff!

The big news this month is, of course, iPad 3, but not as big as the fact that Markel actually stood in line for one!. Despite giving it to his wife as a present he managed to sneak it out of the house for us to croon over. Richard tells a cautionary tale about shopping at HMV on Oxford Street... and why he prefers John Lewis. Denis-Jose tried to find a bargain in Game, but failed. And also failed to go a month without somekind of headphone or phone issue.

As well as bringing in the iPad 3, Markel also aquired an USB FM Transmitter and a USB adapater for his laptop power block.

All this, and the truth about richards waistline in... Tech Lunch Episode 8

Tech Lunch #008 - Friday 30th March 2012

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