Tech Lunch

Take three guys who work in the visual fx industry... give them part time obsessions which include Photography, DJing, film making, podcasting and amateur journalism... and send them out to lunch with an audio recorder. what do you get? A very techy lunch, that's what!

Each week, Join Denis-Jose Francois, Richard Costin & Mark Ludford at a different secret locations around central London for a lunch time chat about gadgets, software, technology... and whatever else takes their fancy!

And if you can guess where they are having lunch on any given week, you win a prize!


Tech Lunch ep005 - Check out my new pad!

Once again the boys are back in the basement eating an indian lunch and this time with a guest!

This week's Tech Lunch is all about tablets. Richard, Markel & Denis-Jose are joined by Ben Casey, who brings with him a newly purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab...  and throws it into the ring against Richard's iPad 2. Which is Faster? Which is Cheaper? Which is Cooler? Which do the boys prefer?

Also Markel talks about his newly purchase powerlines network, Richard keeps us up to date with the latest Camera news and Denis-Jose has an update in his on-going headphone saga!

Tech Lunch #005 MP3 - Wednesday 26th October 2011


Tech Lunch ep004 - I Spy with my little...

This week the boys have found somewhere new to eat! Different food... different budget!

Denis-Jose has a new pair of glasses. But they are not your normal sunglasses... they are very very special. Markel has remembered to bring his noise cancelling headphones and richard has a new look iPad in the form of iOS5.

Also on the menu is a new camera from Canon: the 1Dx, But the biggest tech news in the last 2 weeks has been the passing away of Steve Jobs...

Tech Lunch #004 MP3 - Wednesday 19th October 2011


Tech Lunch ep003 - Browsers, Backups, Birthdays and more...

This weeks lunch can only be described as a smorgasbord, with the crrew talking about everything from annoying browser updates, the fates and fortunes of big tech companies, solar chargers, the perils of buying cheep devices,  the perils of not backing up and Richard's quest for the ultimate mouse & keyboard!

All this and one of the guys is celebrating a birthday... or is he celebrating the meaning of life?

Tech Lunch #003 MP3 - Monday 03rd October 2011


Tech Lunch ep002 - mirrorless, cableless & headphoneless

This week the boys have found a quieter location in Soho, London to have their lunch... but it's not without surprises in the form of a Mr Ben style magically appearing waitress and a secret door right next to their table!

Denis-Jose confesses to his headphone habit. Losing them, breaking them... but which one should he choose next? Does Markel have the answer, in the form of a cheap pair of noise cancellation headphones?

Richard takes us through a breakdown of his office and it's nightmare cabling. 3 monitors, 2 printers and more, are all part of a photograhers den it would seem.

 The boys discuss the difference between high end and low end calibration - who needs it? and old fashioned CRTs vs new Flatscreens. Have we sacrificed deskspace for quality?

All this and a quick look at the new Nikon Mirrorless camera range... and a whole lot of food!

Tech Lunch #002 MP3 - Wednesday 28th September 2011


Tech Lunch ep001 - Through the looking glass

An early lunch this week takes Richard, Denis-Jose & Markel to a different corner of...a somewhat bustling lunch spot in central london! This week Richard has brought along Big Bessy and her friends.

Big B is a Nikon D3 Camera with a whole bunch of very serious kit! including a 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S NIKKOR, A Lumix compact and the mother of all lenses:a 200-400mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S VR NIKKOR!!

Markel & Denis-Jose take a shot at the GB USB challange: What's the cheapest price per GB for a brand new USB stick these days?

And just how tricky is it to fool the eye with CG Dinosaurs? They boys talk breifly about the recently released BBC Documentary series Planet Dinosaur.

For those of you who want to see more of Richard Costins photography you can look here and here... and here!



Tech Lunch #001 MP3 - Thursday 15th September 2011