Tech Lunch

Take three guys who work in the visual fx industry... give them part time obsessions which include Photography, DJing, film making, podcasting and amateur journalism... and send them out to lunch with an audio recorder. what do you get? A very techy lunch, that's what!

Each week, Join Denis-Jose Francois, Richard Costin & Mark Ludford at a different secret locations around central London for a lunch time chat about gadgets, software, technology... and whatever else takes their fancy!

And if you can guess where they are having lunch on any given week, you win a prize!

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Tech Lunch ep009 - Walking in the air

After a slightly longer than usual pause, Denis-Jose, Markel & Richard find themselves in a new NoHo location in central London, talking tech over a spot of lunch!

There's an emphasis on Laptops this time round, with Richard eagerly awaiting his brand new i7 base Macbook Air and Markel sporting a pair of Dell XPS (while still clinging to his latitude with attitude). Meanwhile, Denis-Jose's Macbook Air has taken a bit of a beating.

Markel talks us through his 'myFi' portable hotspot and Denis-Jose has splashed out on a fancy Radio Lapel Mic, whilst Richard has once again convinced Nikon to lend him so fancy camera gear.

All this, in Tech Lunch Episode 9!

Tech Lunch #009 - Monday 25th June 2012