The Incredible Effects of CBD on the Brain

Several studies from the past several years have found that CBD can have an incredible effect on the brain. There are a number of effects that can benefit you on a daily basis. This chemical compound acts on certain areas in the brain that are related to memory and overall cognition. While more research still needs to be done into these effects, the data that we have so far is extremely promising. In this article you will learn about what you can expect from taking CBD on a daily basis.

The Serotonin System

CBD affects a certain serotonin receptor, which is why it can be so effective for those with social anxiety. It’s also why consuming this oil in high enough doses can positively impact one’s overall mood and even appetite. People who take it regularly often report feeling more social than normal.

Improved Concentration

One of the biggest cognitive benefits of consuming CBD oil is noticeably improved concentration. Lots of people who use this oil have a much easier time focusing on daily tasks, which can improve both your work life and personal life. Those who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder can particularly benefit from this effect.

Better Memory

The part of the brain that CBD acts on is related to memory among other things. It is not uncommon for those who consume Cannabidiol to experience improved short term memory. The ability to retain information for longer can serve you well in all aspects of your life.

Preserve Long-Term Mental Function

There is a good amount of scientific data to indicate that CBD oil can also help with preserving brain health/function for the long term. In fact, it might even contribute to the prevention of degenerative neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to keep your mind sharp as you get older, consuming this oil on a daily basis could really help.

Sleep Quality

Another huge cognitive benefit of CBD has to do with sleep. Many people who have insomnia and other sleep disorders find that Cannabidiol is incredibly helpful. It has been shown to treat insomnia rather effectively when taken at the right dosage and time. While not everyone with this condition will benefit from CBD, it is certainly worth trying if you have this problem. Taking enough of this oil a few hours before you go to bed could make a big difference. It is a safe and natural way to get a full night’s worth of quality sleep. This in turn will help to improve your overall health.


If you have problems with managing stress, CBD has the potential to help. It produces a relaxing effect and general overall feeling of wellbeing. Most people who consume this oil notice these effects fairly quickly, so it works fast. Those who have particularly stressful jobs will find that this can be an effective way to get relief at the end. You can take it to ease your mental state before and during work as well. These are the times when a majority of people feel the most stressed.


CBD even has the potential to help people who have been diagnosed with clinical depression. It sort of works like an SSRI or antidepressant, targeting a receptor in the brain that is partially responsible for serotonin production. This in turn can lead to a better overall mood day to day. Some people find it very helpful on its own while others take it in addition to an antidepressant medication. Either way, there is a good chance that it can make a positive difference in your life. The dosage needed to treat depression can be as high as 400 milligrams, depending on the severity of the person’s condition.


One of the more impressive effects of CBD on the brain is its ability to help with treating epilepsy. It has been shown to reduce seizures in people who have this condition. Numerous studies have been done and continue be performed to learn more about CBD’s impact on epilepsy. An increasing number of doctors are recommending this natural treatment to their patients, sometimes as a way of supplementing traditional treatments.

There are many cognitive benefits that a person can get from taking CBD oil, but it doesn’t affect everyone the same way. It is important to keep this in mind when going forward so you can manage your expectations appropriately. While not everyone experiences the same benefits from Cannabidiol, most people can get something good from it. One of the great things about this naturally-occurring cannabinoid is that it is fast acting. You should start to notice a positive difference within 20 minutes to a couple of days. It is a viable alternative to traditional prescription medications for a lot of people with a variety of conditions.

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