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The LF #40: It's a Conspiracy (Pt 2) - The Truth Is... Already Here!

We present Part 2 in our series of shows looking at Conspiracy Theories. UFOs are our main focus this time with Roswell a chief point of discussion along with the "otherwordly" exploits of aerospace engineer, Wernher von Braun, and the story of Rendlesham Forest. 

Plus, does the concept of the "Men in Black" run far deeper than just being a hilarious Will Smith movie?

There are also minor dalliances to the geometrical proximity of the pyramids, moon landings and we don't ask the question 'could we one day receive contact from aliens'... we ask if it's already happened!



Host: Denis-Jose Francois; Guests: Tee-J, Dan Collacot & Imran Mirza

The LF ep40 - November 05 2015


The LF #39: Dawn of Crisis

So we've all gasped, cheered and generally been impressed with the superhero offerings from Marvel Studios over the last few years. But what about the other big cheese? DC Comics?

This episode we look at the DC TV & Film Universe, which, whilst no where near as developed as their competitors still has quite a lot to offer and a few exciting things on the Horizon.

So let's talk Batman Vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Constantine and more...

*Featuring yet another Collacott Moment!*


Host: Denis-Jose Francois; Guests: Tee-J, Dan Collacot & Imran Mirza


The LF ep39 - September 05 2015


The LF #38: It's a Conspiracy (part 1)

This time round on the Liberation Frequency we take a look at Conspiracy Theories: What does the term mean, what makes a good conspiracy and why do people want to believe in them?

From 911 to the Apollo Moon Landings, we chew over some of the most famous modern conspiracies and the impact they've had on film and popular culture.


Host: Denis-Jose Francois; Guests: Dan Collacot & Imran Mirza


The LF ep38 - July 14 2015


The LF #37: Some Assembly Required

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Age of Ultron, or you aren’t interested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you probably should listen to this Podcast! ** SPOILER ALERT ***

Yes, the LF is back, after a long break, but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our core values! No, True Believer, we are returning to the airwaves with the only discussion that is happening at any true nerds dinner table at this time - The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Now that we are 11 Movies and 7 TV series into the world of Marvel Comics, with many more on the way, things are starting to get interesting. We take a look The Latest Movie - Avengers: Age of Ultron, Daredevil, Shield and more.


Host: Denis-Jose Francois; Guests: Dan Collacot & Imran Mirza

The LF ep37 - May 14 2015


The LF #36: Guilty Pleasures

We've all been there: It's the small hours of the morning, sitting on the couch late at night, bouncing from channel to channel just to see if there is anything worthy on before hitting the sack... and the next thing you know it's 2 hours later and you are glued to the most awful movie ever made. You know its bad, but you can't stop watching. Oh, you won't admit it to anyone the next day but you love it really. It's a guilty pleasure...

This episode of the LF Podcast we investigate all those things which are so bad they are good! The films, the songs, the TV shows. What are your Guilty Pleasures?

We also do a round up of this summers big movies: From SpiderMan 2 to Guardians of the Galaxy (and lots in between). 




Host: Denis-Jose Francois; Guests: Tee-J Sutherland, Dan Collacott & Imran Mirza


The LF ep35 - Sept 10 2014