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The LF #018: All we want for Christmas is...

Ho Ho Ho! It's that time of the year for giving and receiving... and the LF Editorial are no less prone to the traditions of the season than the next person. So, in this, our first ever Christmas Special, we talk about the joy of receiving. What are the perfect pressies for geeks and, more importantly, us? What were the things we always wanted as kids and could never have?

And if we were going to re-write the famous song 'The 12 Days of Christmas' to be a bit more geeky, what would be the things our true loves would give to us?

We also have our round up of the seasons treats including Mission Impossible 4, A very Harold & Kumar 3D Xmas, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Christmas messages from the Liberated Irregulars and Denis-Jose tells us about his trip to Universal Studios, Singapore, to try out the new Transformers 3D ride.

Listen to the podcast!

The LF Podcast 18 - 25th December 2011

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