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The LF #002: Oh The Horror!

This week the Liberation Frequency editorial are talking about Horror film experiences. The scary ones, the laughable ones and the ones which left a permanent, unforgettable mark on us as kids. What makes something scary? What scares people? Which iconic characters does Liberation Frequency find scary?

Also, in the weekly round up, we look at the death of the human torch, metro, the mysterious disappearance of a game store, channel 4's misfits and more!

The LF Podcast 02 - 11th February 2011

Reader Comments (2)

I'd have to co-sign the Freddy Kreuger nomination as scariest character - I think the films became a little farcical as they went on, but the initial idea of having your dreams invaded is genius!

Horror's so difficult to get right - particularly in an age where audiences have seen almost everything. I think the scariest things are when what you deem is safe becomes shaken up. If you're out in a strange environment, the thing that gets you through is the thought of getting "home", so when "home" itself becomes the source of fear, then it feels there's nothing to turn to.

February 15, 2011 | Registered CommenterI M S

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