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The LF #009 pt1: Last night a download saved my life

This episode is all about how modern digital music technology and services have changed the way we listen to, buy and generally experience music. In fact, we had so much to say, it's another 2 parter!

In part 1 we look at how and where we buy our music, how much it costs and what the relative advantages are.

We also do our regular round up of what we've all been up to, which, this week includes the Captain America movie, the tragic loss of Amy Winehouse & Peter Falk, A Weezer Concert and our day out at the London Film & Comic Convention.

And we ask the question: Is David Guetta really dead?

Host: Denis-Jose Francois with Guests: Dan Collacott, Imran Mirza & Les Davis

The LF Podcast 09 - 12th August 2011

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