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The LF #019 pt 2: We are one... so Happy Birthday to us!

Happy New Year... and Happy Birthday to us!

Of course we couldn't look back without looking forward so in this, the second half of our New Year Birthday show we cast an eager eye at 2012 and all it's geeky media promise in Film, Comics, Television & Music.

There's also a fantastic birthday give away in the form of The Walking Dead Season 1 DVD

What more could you ask for at the start of the new year? Hmm?

Host: Denis-Jose francois

Guests: Bernice Watson, Imran Mirza, Gavin O'Reilly

Listen to the LF Podcast EP 19 part 1

Listen to the LF Podcast EP 19 part 2

The LF Podcast 19 pt2 - 12th January 2012

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