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The LF #27: 88 Miles per hour!

Time. It ruthlessly marches on, without waiting or consent. Perhaps that's why the dream of time travel is such a strong one? The chance to change the past.... Or to see into the future!  Indeed, since before the birth of cinema, comics, games and the other geeky pastimes we hold dear at LF, Time Travel has been a great source of fiction. In this episode of the liberation frequency, we take a look at our favourtie Time Travel films and stories!

Meanwhile, back in our time, Bernice has been to see Some Like it Hip Hop, Gavin has been catching up with Game of Thrones and Denis & Imran ponder such cosmic events as a proposed JLA movie, the merger of Lucasfilm & Disney and the latest James Bond adventure, Skyfall.


 Host: Denis-Jose Francois Guests: Bernice Watson, Gavin O'Reilly, Imran Mirza



The LF Podcast 27 - 12th Nov 2012

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