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The LF #020: Aaarrrr!!! Thar be... Pirates!

Ha Haar me hearties (and a bottle of rum)! This month Liberation Frequency is taking a look at Piracy. Not the kind of the high seas, but the kind that effects us digitally. And we ask the question... does it? How bad is it? Who is really losing out? Are pirated copies truly lost sales? Will it ever go away?

And this month also sees the start of a new feature: Frequency Asked Questions! We asked you to send us your questions - the ones which keep you awake at night - and we would try to answer them. We didn't expect the flood in our mailbox! At the end of the show we spend some time thinking about where we would evacuate the human race to, in all of geekdom? Who would win in a race between the quicksilver & flash? Why the Q are so powerful?... and more!

All this and Gavin keeps us up to date on the best transformer insults on Cybertron, Bernice goes to see 'The Artist', Les tells us of his love affair with The Walking Dead and Denis confesses to spending too much time with Game of Thrones.

We also look forward to the upcoming London Super Comic Convention and invite you all out for a drink!

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 20!

Host: Denis-Jose Francois, Guests: Gavin O'Reilly, Les Davis, Bernice Watson

The LF Podcast 20 - 13th February2012

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