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The LF #022 (part 1): Getting into comics, the LF way.

With so much time on our podcast (and site) dedicated to the noble art of comic books and graphic novels, yet with so many of our readers & listeners not really into comics at all, we decided it was time to talk about one of our favourite subjects with a bias towards the uninitiated. Why do we read comics? Why should YOU read comics? Which ones should you read first? And what does the world at large think of this most geeky of storytelling mediums? Join us on this two-parter and find out.

But before that, we also find out Gavin's trip to the London Film Museum, What Bernice thought of Zack Braff's All New People, Denis' thoughts on the movies Chronicle & John Carter and what Dan really thought of The Hunger Games! We also talk about bad theatre seating, the Straits band and lots of other stuff

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 22 (part 1)!

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 22 (part 2)!

Host: Denis-Jose Francois, Guests: Bernice Watson, Gavin O'Reilly, Dan Collacott.

The LF Podcast 22 part 1- 26th April 2012

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