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The LF #022 (part 2): Getting into comics, the LF way. 

In part 2 of our discussion about how complete newbies can get involved with comics, we explain some terminology, talk about the history of comics with regard to public acceptance and create an impromtu list of the 'Must Reads' for a first time comic buyer. We also discuss wether DC Comics have been succesfull in opening up their universe to new readers with the recent 'New 52'.

In this months Frequency Asked Questions section we find answers to more questions from our listeners including 'Who would your Wacky Races getaway driver be?', 'Why do Zombies lust after Human Flesh?', Why do Superheroes wear their Pants on the outside of their trousers? and 'Which Sci-Fi & Fantasy book series would make a good Television'?

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 22 (part 1)!

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 22 (part 2)!

Host: Denis-Jose Francois, Guests: Bernice Watson, Gavin O'Reilly, Dan Collacott.

The LF Podcast 22 part 2 - 26th April 2012

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