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The LF #24 (part 1): What the Bleep are you talking about?

As long as there has been media and government there has been censorship. But why? Why do we do it, and is it actually effective?

This month, The LF crew tackle the subject of of censorship in all forms of media: Music, Film, Books, Comedy, Comics & Games. We look at some well known - and not so well known - examples of the curtailing of expression and take a closer look at the watershed rules and the comics code authority.

We also talk about The Avengers & Prometheus, and look back at the recent Kapow! comic convention.

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 24 (part 1)!

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 24 (part 2)!


Host: Denis-Jose Francois, Guests: Bernice Watson, Imran Mirza, Dan Collacott.

The LF Podcast 24 pt 1 - 9th July 2012

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