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The LF #25: This is the self-preservation society!


Spoiler Alert!: In this episode of the Liberation Frequency, we are talking about our favourtie movie endings. So there will be spoilers! OK, you've probably seen them too, but in case you haven't the list includes... I am Legend, the Italian Job, Total Recall, Planet of the Apes, The Empire Strikes Back, The Usual Suspects, Quadraphenia, Sucker Punch, Big Trouble in Little China, Inception, Memento, Terminator 3, The Matrix, Seven... and many more! 

Is there really such a thing as a Hollywood Ending? Why are some endings better than others? And do some directors take short cuts and not finish their films?

We also look back over the summer with NO mention of global sporting events! Imran tells the tale of Mingering Mike, Dan went to FrightFest, Bernice tells us all about Total Recall and Denis gives verdict on The Dark Knight Rises. Also... just what is Avengers vs X-Men all about? 

With a round of Frequency Asked Questions and a look ahead to the upcoming Sci-fi Month, this is a packed edition with something for everyone!

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 25!

Host: Denis-Jose Francois, Guests: Bernice Watson, Imran Mirza, Dan Collacott.



The LF Podcast 25 - 22nd Sept 2012

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