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The LF #28: Here come the Girls!

Here come the girls! In this episode of the LF Podcast, we take a look at the roles of women in genre fiction, specifically film & TV. What are the good, strong female character roles and which movies  are the worst offenders for promoting bad female sterotypes?

There's also a review of last years Top Ten most kick-ass women in sci-fi list.

We also discuss recent trends in film trailers, what we all thought about the hobbit and which movies we are excited about for 2013. Is 3D Dead now?

Gavin tells us about his christmas pressies, Bernice tells us about all new X-men, Denis has been re-watching Spaced and we all ponder the idea that the world ended in 2012 and we could be living in purgatory...


 Host: Denis-Jose Francois Guests: Bernice Watson, Gavin O'Reilly

The LF Podcast 28 - 31st Jan 2013

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