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The LF #33: (Next) Saturday night at the movies

A night at the movies. What does that mean to you? What will it mean in the future? On this episode of the LF we continue our look at the present and future of how we consume our favourite fiction. This time, it's all about going to the cinema... or theater... or movies...

We also take a look at some more TV series we've been catching up on: Denis has been binge watching Arrow, Gavin has been watching The Wire, Dan has been catching up with Boardwalk Empire and Imran is finally on the Breaking Bad bandwagon.

All this and a rant about buying snacks at the cinema too!


Host: Denis-Jose Francois; Guests: Gavin O'Rielly, Dan Collacott & Imran Mirza

The LF Podcast 33 - 09 March 2014

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