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The LF #36: Guilty Pleasures

We've all been there: It's the small hours of the morning, sitting on the couch late at night, bouncing from channel to channel just to see if there is anything worthy on before hitting the sack... and the next thing you know it's 2 hours later and you are glued to the most awful movie ever made. You know its bad, but you can't stop watching. Oh, you won't admit it to anyone the next day but you love it really. It's a guilty pleasure...

This episode of the LF Podcast we investigate all those things which are so bad they are good! The films, the songs, the TV shows. What are your Guilty Pleasures?

We also do a round up of this summers big movies: From SpiderMan 2 to Guardians of the Galaxy (and lots in between). 




Host: Denis-Jose Francois; Guests: Tee-J Sutherland, Dan Collacott & Imran Mirza


The LF ep35 - Sept 10 2014