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The LF #41: Aaaaand.... We're Back!

Well that was a long break wasn't it? So long in fact that we are just gonna say that this is now Season 03! So if you are still with us... Thanks! Now, let's get on with the show.

It's been so long since we were on air that we decided to kick off season 03 with no main topic. Just a square table discussion between your hosts, considering the things which are on our minds (and have been since our last broadcast).

We've all been watching a lot of TV, but Imran has starting reading books! No less that Game of Thrones. which is quite a daunting task now that we are nearing the end of the TV series. Will he make it to the end? Will the author make it to end? Will anyone want to?

Tee-J has also been reading: Comics! What the hell is going on in the DC Universe? What's all this Rebirth stuff about? With a little help from Denis-Jose, we attempt to explain.

Dan, ever the TV watcher, has a few things to say about the current batch of Marvel TV shows as well as the MCU. The last year has brought us DareDevil, Jessica Jones & Luke Cage. Can Marvel maintain the level?

Do you watch the alternate endings on DVDs? When will hollywood stop with the Remakes? Has there ever been a re-invention that's gone down well universally? What do you do when you are watching (or reading) something on public transport which is not family friendly and people are looking over you shoulder. All these questions and more on this episode of The Liberation Frequency.


Host: Denis-Jose Francois; Guests: Tee-J, Dan Collacot & Imran Mirza

The LF ep41 - November 26 2016