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 Each week, The Liberation Frequency Editorial team speak their mind, chew the fat, shoot the breeze and generally waffle on all things LF. Music, Film, Comics, Books & Comedy!

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The LF #003: A Can of Laughs

This week, Dan relates his feelings about Drive Angry 3D, Denis-Jose & Gavin are back from their trip to the other side of the world and Imran has a very scary addendum to the previous episode For our main topic the LF team is talking about the differences between US & Brit Comedy, and introduce an interview with Matt Berry - Actor, Comedian and star of the ever popular TV Series 'The IT Crowd'.

Join the Liberation Frequency Editorial team as they talk about Films, Music, Comics, Comedy and more!

The LF Podcast 03 - 08th March 2011


The LF #003 EXTRA: Matt Berry Interview

LF Editor Dan Collacott sat down in the pub with Matt Berry - Comedian, Muscian and star of the IT Crowd. This exclusive interview is the result!

The LF Podcast 03 Extra - 08th March 2011


The LF #002: Oh The Horror!

This week the Liberation Frequency editorial are talking about Horror film experiences. The scary ones, the laughable ones and the ones which left a permanent, unforgettable mark on us as kids. What makes something scary? What scares people? Which iconic characters does Liberation Frequency find scary?

Also, in the weekly round up, we look at the death of the human torch, metro, the mysterious disappearance of a game store, channel 4's misfits and more!

The LF Podcast 02 - 11th February 2011


The LF #001: Is it live?

A quick look at the weeks highlights includes a lively conversation about The Green Hornet, Salt, and Inner Party System and then it's all about live Music for the main topic this week, as the Liberation Frequency editorial team sit down and talk about the good, bad and ugly sides of their concert and gig experiences. Between them they've seen and been to everything from Prince to the Prodigy, Wu tang to The Wall! All this and a competition too!

The LF Podcast 01 - 28th January 2011


The LF #000: Looking forward & looking back!

In our preview episode we look back at 2010 and discuss our favourite films, music and graphic novels. We also look forward to 2011. Inception, fables, Flight of the Concords, Green Lantern, Splice and more all come under the scrutinising eye of the LF team. Denis-Jose, Dan, Imran and Gavin as they discuss, debate and waffle! 


The LF Podcast 00 - 20th January 2011

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