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The LF #022 (part 2): Getting into comics, the LF way. 

In part 2 of our discussion about how complete newbies can get involved with comics, we explain some terminology, talk about the history of comics with regard to public acceptance and create an impromtu list of the 'Must Reads' for a first time comic buyer. We also discuss wether DC Comics have been succesfull in opening up their universe to new readers with the recent 'New 52'.

In this months Frequency Asked Questions section we find answers to more questions from our listeners including 'Who would your Wacky Races getaway driver be?', 'Why do Zombies lust after Human Flesh?', Why do Superheroes wear their Pants on the outside of their trousers? and 'Which Sci-Fi & Fantasy book series would make a good Television'?

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 22 (part 1)!

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 22 (part 2)!

Host: Denis-Jose Francois, Guests: Bernice Watson, Gavin O'Reilly, Dan Collacott.

The LF Podcast 22 part 2 - 26th April 2012


The LF #022 (part 1): Getting into comics, the LF way.

With so much time on our podcast (and site) dedicated to the noble art of comic books and graphic novels, yet with so many of our readers & listeners not really into comics at all, we decided it was time to talk about one of our favourite subjects with a bias towards the uninitiated. Why do we read comics? Why should YOU read comics? Which ones should you read first? And what does the world at large think of this most geeky of storytelling mediums? Join us on this two-parter and find out.

But before that, we also find out Gavin's trip to the London Film Museum, What Bernice thought of Zack Braff's All New People, Denis' thoughts on the movies Chronicle & John Carter and what Dan really thought of The Hunger Games! We also talk about bad theatre seating, the Straits band and lots of other stuff

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 22 (part 1)!

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 22 (part 2)!

Host: Denis-Jose Francois, Guests: Bernice Watson, Gavin O'Reilly, Dan Collacott.

The LF Podcast 22 part 1- 26th April 2012


The LF #021: A funny thing happened on the way to the...

We all know that humour, like art, is subjective, but is comedy also timeless? In this episode of the LF Podcast we take a look at comedy on the silver screen and ask the questions: What are our favourite Comedic Movies of all time? And why? To give us a helping hand and as fuel for our discussion, we examine the recently compiled Time Out 100 Best Comedy Movies list and see how it compares to our own choices. We also look at films which are advertised as comedies but aren't and ask whether sitcoms work on the big screen.

But not before Imran tells us about the return of D'Angelo to world of Live Music, Dan experiences the almighty Ramstein in concert, Bernice (and the boys) visit the London Super Comic Con and Denis-Jose feels cheated by the 3D craze after watching Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2D.

But wait, there's more! In this months Frequency Asked Questions, we answer: Who would win in a fight between Ripley & Sarah Conner?, is there a future for the Batman Arkham franchise? and what theme music we would want playing when it comes down to the grand finale of us vs them?

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 21!

Host: Denis-Jose Francois, Guests: Imran Mirza, Dan Collacott, Bernice Watson

The LF Podcast 21 - 14th March 2012


The LF #020: Aaarrrr!!! Thar be... Pirates!

Ha Haar me hearties (and a bottle of rum)! This month Liberation Frequency is taking a look at Piracy. Not the kind of the high seas, but the kind that effects us digitally. And we ask the question... does it? How bad is it? Who is really losing out? Are pirated copies truly lost sales? Will it ever go away?

And this month also sees the start of a new feature: Frequency Asked Questions! We asked you to send us your questions - the ones which keep you awake at night - and we would try to answer them. We didn't expect the flood in our mailbox! At the end of the show we spend some time thinking about where we would evacuate the human race to, in all of geekdom? Who would win in a race between the quicksilver & flash? Why the Q are so powerful?... and more!

All this and Gavin keeps us up to date on the best transformer insults on Cybertron, Bernice goes to see 'The Artist', Les tells us of his love affair with The Walking Dead and Denis confesses to spending too much time with Game of Thrones.

We also look forward to the upcoming London Super Comic Convention and invite you all out for a drink!

Listen to The LF Podcast Ep 20!

Host: Denis-Jose Francois, Guests: Gavin O'Reilly, Les Davis, Bernice Watson

The LF Podcast 20 - 13th February2012


The LF #019 pt 2: We are one... so Happy Birthday to us!

Happy New Year... and Happy Birthday to us!

Of course we couldn't look back without looking forward so in this, the second half of our New Year Birthday show we cast an eager eye at 2012 and all it's geeky media promise in Film, Comics, Television & Music.

There's also a fantastic birthday give away in the form of The Walking Dead Season 1 DVD

What more could you ask for at the start of the new year? Hmm?

Host: Denis-Jose francois

Guests: Bernice Watson, Imran Mirza, Gavin O'Reilly

Listen to the LF Podcast EP 19 part 1

Listen to the LF Podcast EP 19 part 2

The LF Podcast 19 pt2 - 12th January 2012