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The LF #019 pt 1: 2011: What a Year! Hoo Boy!

Happy New Year... and Happy Birthday to us! The LF Podcast is one year old with this episode and in order to celebrate the year gone past we spend sometime looking back at the best and worst of the year. Which films, comics, TV and Music were the most memorable? Which were the big disapointments? And was anything so bad that it was good?

There's also a fantastic birthday give away in the form of The Walking Dead Season 1 DVD and our usual round up of the inter-podcast space time dimension, which this week includes Christmas Pressies and Christmas TV.

Host: Denis-Jose francois

Guests: Bernice Watson, Imran Mirza, Gavin O'Reilly

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The LF Podcast 19pt1 - 12th January 2012


The LF #018: All we want for Christmas is...

Ho Ho Ho! It's that time of the year for giving and receiving... and the LF Editorial are no less prone to the traditions of the season than the next person. So, in this, our first ever Christmas Special, we talk about the joy of receiving. What are the perfect pressies for geeks and, more importantly, us? What were the things we always wanted as kids and could never have?

And if we were going to re-write the famous song 'The 12 Days of Christmas' to be a bit more geeky, what would be the things our true loves would give to us?

We also have our round up of the seasons treats including Mission Impossible 4, A very Harold & Kumar 3D Xmas, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Christmas messages from the Liberated Irregulars and Denis-Jose tells us about his trip to Universal Studios, Singapore, to try out the new Transformers 3D ride.

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The LF Podcast 18 - 25th December 2011


The LF #017: We come in peace... shoot to kill!

Hosts: Denis-Jose Francois (or is it?)

Guests: Dan Collacott, Bernice Watson, Imran Mirza

Hey! What's that light in the sky? News reports of cattle abductions have sky rocketed. Hmm... there's some pretty weird stuff going on around here... Are we being invaded? Or Has the invasion already happened and they already walk among us?

In this podcast we take a detailed look at Alien Invasions. How would you prepare? Would you fight... or Cower? Will mankind survive? Will YOU survive? Perhaps, with the help of the collected wisdom of the LF Editorial & The Liberated Irregulars, you might just stand a chance...

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Inside Bernice's Alien invasion backpack:

1 x can of Speights (Pride of the South for Over 100 Years)
1 x iPod chock full of drum'n'bass + Britney Spears 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'
1 x flame thrower
1 x set of ninja stars
1 x pair of aviator sunglasses

Why fuck around? Will Smith, Ellen Ripley and Dutch didn't
and I'm pretty damn sure the invading hordes won't.
Bring it, you extraterrestrial sons of bitches!

Lofty's Alien Invasion Survival Playlist

2001 A Space Odyssey - Opening music
Police - Englishman in New York
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
FSOL -We have explosives
David Bowie - Space Oddity
Babylon Zoo - Spaceman
Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot
Ash - Girl from Mars
Olive - You're Not Alone (Paul Oakenfold remix)
Thunder child - War of The Worlds
Louis Armstrong - We have all the time in the world
The Doors - The End

The LF Podcast 17 - 30th November 2011


The LF #016: A conversation with... Kieron Gillen

Hosts: Denis-Jose Francois & Bernice Watson

Guest: Kieron Gillen

 At the October MCM Expo in London, we sat down in the pub with writer Kieron Gillen to talk about everything from his work for Marvel on X-menThor, the differences between working at the famous bullpen and being an independant writer onPhonogram, to what he would wear in the event of an alien invasion!

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The LF Podcast 16 - 21st November 2011


The LF #015: The Stuff of Nightmares


Hosts: Denis-Jose Francois
Guests: Imran Mirza, Bernice Watson, Dan Collacot

It's Halloween and in this Episode the LF crew are talking about what scares them in the real world... How would you like to be buried alive? Or slammed in Jail? Or condemned for trying to help a little old lady with 2 walking sticks? Or maybe you are afraid of clowns? What's the scariest thing merf merf you've ever seen, Experienced or read?

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The LF Podcast 15 - 31st October 2011