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The LF #014: A conversation with Carl Tibbetts

In this episode Dan Collacott continues the one to one conversations with UK creators series, by chatting to Film Director & writer, Carl Tibbetts, who recently completed work on new psychological thriller Retreat.

We spoke to him about the film, working with actors Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell, his experiences shooting and making the film, his inspirations and opinions on horror, 3D Movies and illegal downloading!




The LF Podcast 14 - 26th October 2011


The LF #013: A conversation with Barry Nugent

Continuing our series of one-to-one conversations with UK creators...

This episode we speak to Barry Nugent, author of Fallen Heroes and Unseen Shadows, and of course, co-host of Geek Syndicate.

Our conversation with Barry covers everything from how he got start, what inspires him, how Fallen Heroes got to be the best selling book on Amazon, podcasting from the heart and much much more.

This one is especially inspirational if you are starting out as a writer!

The LF Podcast 13 - 21st October 2011


The LF #012: A conversation with Paul Duffield

In this episode Denis-Jose kicks of the first of several one to one conversations with UK creators!

And what better place to start than with artist & comics creator Paul Duffield, who recently completed work on the web & print series Freak Angels.

We spoke to him about the series, as well as the comics world at large, including such topics as the DC Reboot, Breaking into comics and more...



The LF Podcast 12 - 08th October 2011


The LF #011 EXTRA: Nick Gordon Interview

In episode 11 part 2 we gave you an extract from our interview with film buyer and analyst Nick Gordon. But in addition to talking about remakes and sequels, we covered a lot of other topics, including film piracy, the trend towards 3D, show times, popcorn prices and more! As promised, Here's the full interview...

The LF Podcast 11 EXTRA - 27th September 2011


The LF #011 pt2: Rinse and Repeat

Continuing our look at reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels and re-imaginings, we ask the big question: Why?

Why does does the film industry keep remaking & rebooting movies instead of coming up with new ones? Why does Hollywood remake foreign films into English?

To get to the bottom of these deeper questions we Spoke to film buyer and analyst Nick Gordon, as we also used our darkest tecnology to side step into another universe... and get the opinions of Dave & Barry from Geek Syndicate.

The LF Podcast 11.2 - 22nd September 2011