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The LF #011 pt1: Here we go again...

This time round we are looking at reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels and re-imaginings.

Another mighty topic that requires a 2 part-er!
In part one we ask what's the difference between a remake & a reboot? Which are our favourites and which are our most hated? Which are the ones that haven't been done but maybe should be? What films shouldn't be touched at all?

Also in the movie-centric episode, Dan tells us about his day at Fright Fest, Imran takes his first trip to the movies in a year to see Super 8, Denis-Jose finds out what exactly Batman Live! is and Bernice investigates the DC new 52 rebooted universe... but not before she gets her Buffy out...!
All this in part one... and there's a part 2 coming shortly!

The LF Podcast 11.1 - 16th September 2011


The LF #010: An Orbital Mission

It's August and with thoughts of the sun, sea and sand running through our heads, The Liberation Frequency Editorial felt that it was quite fitting that we all should have a holiday. So we had a day out... to a comic shop!

Our favourite comic shop in London town - Orbital Comics - were hosting a preview of Rob D's, A- Z of Superhero's and an exhibition of the Comic Artwork of Stool Pigeon, the independent music newspaper. So, we took along our audio recorders, grabbed some beers and spoke to Rob D about geek stand up, Tom Brass about his contributions to Stool Pigeon and with Orbital's Chris Thompson about the shop itself.

The result was 3 great interviews (and a series of hangovers)...

Also in this episode Bernice & Denis share their thoughts (and spoilers) on the Captain America movie and there's still a few days left for our great August LFCC give away!

The LF Podcast 10 - 23rd August 2011


The LF #009 pt2: Did streaming kill the video star?

In part 2 of our look at how modern tech has changed the way we consume music, we discuss new cloud based streaming services from Amazon, Apple & Google. We look at the charts and try to figure out which ones are which. We get to the bottom of so called 'music television' and have a think about the good old record store.

And we also have a great competition at the end of the show for independant UK comic lovers!

Host: Denis-Jose Francois with Guests: Dan Collacott, Imran Mirza & Les Davis

THe LF Podcast 09 - 12th August 2011


The LF #009 pt1: Last night a download saved my life

This episode is all about how modern digital music technology and services have changed the way we listen to, buy and generally experience music. In fact, we had so much to say, it's another 2 parter!

In part 1 we look at how and where we buy our music, how much it costs and what the relative advantages are.

We also do our regular round up of what we've all been up to, which, this week includes the Captain America movie, the tragic loss of Amy Winehouse & Peter Falk, A Weezer Concert and our day out at the London Film & Comic Convention.

And we ask the question: Is David Guetta really dead?

Host: Denis-Jose Francois with Guests: Dan Collacott, Imran Mirza & Les Davis

The LF Podcast 09 - 12th August 2011


The LF #008: Comics of Future Past

This time round we are turning our attention to Comics & Graphic Novels - now and in the future. Who reads them? Are they too expensive? Will comics ever become socially acceptable? Can the comic shops survive?

We also talk about Pottermore, answer some more Zombie Apocalypse questions, discuss Green Lantern, Game of Thrones, the recent Sade Concert and somehow get onto the subject of Salt...

All this plus the usual big ups, competition winners and other Liberation Frequency irrelevance!


The LF Podcast 08 - 12th July 2011