18th February, 2012

Twisted Dark vol 1

Script by Neil Gibson | Art by various

Graphic Novel review by Dan Collacott

Writer Neil Gibson has put together a deliciously disturbing anthology of dark and horrific tales. Each chapter presents a superbly crafted story, sometimes short, sometimes subtle and bitter. Often the stories contain slow building horror that scratches playfully at the core of your soul. Gore takes a back seat to psychological torment as Gibson asks the most uncomfortable questions as he brutally dissects society.

Some of my favourites were the pitch black take on chat rooms and social media 'Suicide' and the hauntingly emotive tale of abuse and loss served up ice cold by 'Routine.' The jewels in the crown are probably the longer segments such as the two-part ' A Heavenly Note' and 'Cocaina' which prove that Gibson and his team of talented illustrators are just as comfortable exploring genres outside of traditional horror.

There are a number of illustration styles for each chapter, drawing from a plethora of traditional American and Manga influences, but in all cases the artwork is both professional and effective. In particular Atula Siriwardane and Caspar Wijngaard were two featured illustrators who to me stood out through the quality and richness of their artwork.


Rarely are any of Gibson's stories predictable, and there is a curious mix of social commentary that is both satirical and topical, but always fundamentally but unsurprisingly twisted and dark!

I can't wait to read volume 2!

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