Monday 18 July, 2011

Unknown (Bluray Review)

By Dan Collacott

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra – Run time: 113 mins

There has been a faint whiff of reinvention about Liam Neeson since he excelled in the all action lead role of retired CIA agent Bryan Mills in the superb Taken.

Unknown sees Neeson continue to lead as the hardened alpha-male in another conspiratorial action film. But Unknown is not purely a retread of Taken.

Following a car crash Dr. Martin Harris (Neeson) awakes from a coma to discover he no longer exists; someone has taken his identity, his place at an important Biotechnology Submit and worst of all - his wife (January Jones).  Harris tracks down the taxi driver who saved his life in the accident (Diana Kruger) and with her help and the help of former secret police officer Ernst Jürgen (Bruno Ganz) he embarks on an adrenalin fuelled journey to try and reclaim his life and expose and stop those behind the deception.

Unknown is more mystery and suspense thriller than a straight up action film, much in the mould of films such as The Game or The Manchurian Candidate. The film twists and turns at frenetic pace, giving way to a number of possibilities and posturing as to whether or not Harris really is who he thinks he is. The toying with reality and identity throughout the film is faintly reminiscent of Total Recall, although both films are very different animals.

Neeson is stoic and convincing as the lead role, panicking, ranting, angrily defiant and kicking some ass throughout the film. January Jones is also more than adept as his beautiful wife Elizabeth, whilst Diana Kruger and Bruno Ganz effectively make up the main supporting case.

There is enough action, suspense and intrigue in this movie to keep you gripped for the first half of the film, but come the second half the film loses its way when the macguffin is revealed. Still whether you think the ending is genius or ridiculous, Unknown is a half decent film that fans of Neeson will love; but those expecting another Taken maybe a little disappointed.


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