October 1st, 2012

Womanthology: Space

Edited by Mariah Huehner

Review by Teri Mehalski

Womanthology: a comic book anthology created entirely by women and filled with stories about female characters from all walks of life. This first issue includes five short stories set in a spacefaring future all by a different creative team. Womantholgy isn’t just a great comic and a wonderful way to showcase the work of female creators within the comics industry, it also gives all proceeds to charity meaning that readers can indulge their love of comics and benefit others at the same time – perfect!

As mentioned, this issue is all about stories in space and each of the five has something special to offer. Whether it’s Trixie, a waitress at an intergalactic diner wondering when some handsome space jockey is going to sweep her off her feet, or two young astronauts at the centre of a new space race between the USA and China in the year 2040, every one of these tales shows a different perspective on women in space.

Reading this issue I think my favourite of the stories would have to be ‘The Adventures of Princess Plutonia’. Obviously intended to subvert classic science fiction stories of the type seen in pulp magazines, writer/artist Ming Doyle perfectly captures the tone and aesthetic of these early sci-fi comics. The twist is in the fact that the traditional gender roles have been reversed for a delightfully refreshing take on a classic sci-fi trope. The final panel of this story even elicited an appreciative chuckle!

My second favourite would have to be ‘Space Girls’ by Stacie Ponder.  Executed entirely in greyscale using stick figures, Ponder’s characters are perfectly animated and hilariously expressive. Her lighthearted tale of the crew of the SSV Raptor discovering an unknown life form is sprinkled with fond sci-fi references while the dialogue and pacing are flawlessly comedic.

Womanthology: Space, issue 1 is a great read and well worth picking up the next time you’re in the local comic store.  These stories are short but sweet and guaranteed to entertain. If you want to know more, check out their website.

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