Monday 12 September 2011

You Instead

Director: David Mackenzie

Review by Laura Graham

Putting together a film in under a week is no mean feat but director David Mackenzie managed just that with this mud laden close quarters festival tale. Shot at the T in the Park festival last year - Luke Treadaway and Natalia Tena play bickering rock star rivals who end up shackled to one another at the Scottish equivalent of Glastonbury (see clip below). Over the course of 24hrs their differences are played out with much wit and improv until 'other feelings and emotions' hove there way into the story line. Elsewhere there respective partners wait irritatedly as the fairly inevitable romantic events unfold and beckon the big stage finale. Giles Nuttgens's cinematography impressively captures the true essence of the music festival in all its sweat, cider and poor sanitised glory.

As a hardened festival goer I was initially weary of a rom-com storyline, Richard Curtis type smultz on our hallowed ground would be a shooting offence. I was incredibly surprised at the approach however. The romance is suitably downplayed with cynicism, wit and portaloos. If anything it’s just sexy. The bands are believable in their arrogance, although 'The Makes' manager is too much of a stereotype to believe before the drunken antics. The central pairing was strong, although Luke Treadwell stole the film actually making the American “Shoreditch” lead singer attractive with arrogance.

This films real forte is taking you through a single day in the life of a festival goer. It brought back many memories, and made me wish I was in a muddy field pogoing in wellies. This film is akin to Human Traffic, but for the indie festival lover. The music is strong throughout the film, although it could be played on to a greater degree. This should be released before the festival season begins, as it is sure to get a cult following. For a rom-com cynic, I enjoyed the film. So what higher praise is there!" 

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