15th December, 2010

Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter - Zombie Zombie (Versatile Records, 2010)
Written by Emma Addler
Lovers of krautrock, horror movies and theremins, Parisian post-disco kids Zombie Zombie play tribute to sci-fi horror polymath John Carpenter with a mini-album of new interpretations of some of his already legendary soundtracks.
The logically-titled Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter comprises fresh versions of the themes to Halloween, The Thing, Assault on Precinct 13, Escape from LA and The Bank Robbery (from Escape from New York), all of which now play through Zombie Zombie’s studio of sounds and effects. The new versions are broadly faithful to the originals though some of the plangent plunking of the originals is now lost in the meatier and more substantial sound produced by Etienne Jaunet at Cosmic Newman’s more massive-sounding musical machinery. While some of the eeriness of Carpenter’s seventies, eighties and nineties soundtracks has been replaced by more depth and effects, the themes are still strong and the duo do carry the music into a fuller and more futuristic dimension.  Zombie Zombie have successfully enriched themes which, whilst taken from different stories and different decades, are now presented as a journey into a new landscape of crunchy noises and supernatural-sounding sounds. The strong themes and have been made stronger by Zombie Zombie's deeper and broader and differently vivid demonstrations of soundtrack sound.
Whilst essentially a covers album and a tribute to classic cult film music, Zombie Zombie have produced a triumphant tribute that reenergises their sources and stretches the original soundtracks' soundscape.

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